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police officers too much power. in particular, what makes someone a suspected illegal immigrant, that u.s. citizens will be hassled, that people of color will be hassled far more than white citizens. you say that's completely not true? >> listen, we've had the justice department a year and a half investigating us for alleged racial profiling. i think we've done pretty good. i don't think that the law enforcement, the local police are going to racial profile. i'm convinced they are not. they know how to do their jobs. when they do come across people pursuant to their duties and find out that person is illegally here, they're going to take action, i hope. >> what the critics ask you, though -- i would like to hear an answer, though, is what makes somebody -- what makes somebody, a police officer suspicious of someone as being an illegal alien? if you stop someone for a taillight, what is reasonable suspicion of being an illegal alien? >> here we go into criterias. many criterias to follow and i will spend all day doing that but basically they don't have any identification, that they admit b
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to back up charlie rangel there. >>> from the white house on down, u.s. officials are downplaying the leak of more than 75,000 documents about the afghan war. the pentagon is still investigating but officials say they haven't found anything top secret in those documents yet. president obama says he's concerned about the disclosure of sensitive information but that the documents don't shed much new light on the war effort. >>> nato says the remains of an american sailor who disappeared last week have been found in eastern afghanistan. the search continues for a second sailor. neither has been publicly identified. >>> a rare tornado struck a family ranch in northeastern montana, leaving two people dead and one seriously injured. officials there say the deaths will have a devastating effect on the community of about 4,000 people. >>> and take a look at these gators gathered in southeast georgia. a feeding frenzy. look at this. >> that's crazy. >> 300 alligators caught on tape at steven c. foster state park. they've also made a splash on facebook and youtube, nearly 75,000 page views. i don't
have donated. billions pledged by the u.s. government and other governments around the world. little of that money has actually arrived here, and signs of progress are hard to see. we're in haiti tonight, in the proud city of port-au-prince, a city still on its knees right now. many of the pictures you'll see in this hour could have been taken six months ago when the quake struck. rubble is still everywhere. human remains buried deep inside. there has been progress, it's hard to see. but many lives were saved because of the money you sent. disease outbreaks avoided. there's been no major civil unrest. kids are in school. that's the good news, but everyone involved in the rebuilding of haiti will tell you progress here is too slow, and tonight we're keeping them honest. we're going to talk with former president clinton, sean penn, who's running a camp here, and the real heros here, the people of haiti themselves who just want their futures to begin. >>> first, something that stunned us at the airport when we arrived yesterday. we've been asked by a relief group to bring in some suppli
questioning why the u.s. is still there. earlier i spoke with peter bergen and a reporter from "the washington post" who recently returned from afghanistan. look at some of the statistics like the estimated costs to the u.s., 100 billion in 2010. 98,000 troops going to be in afghanistan by fall. 102 troops dying in june. it's not irrational to say for 50 al qaeda fighters, is this worth it? peter? >> well, the attack on 9/11 cost the american economy $300 billion and 3,000 civilians dead. the strategy is to prevent the area to be reclaimed by al qaeda who will use it for all sorts of training grounds as they did before 9/11. that's the calculation. >> is it doable? when you look at leon pennetta said, what's key is what's happening. have you seen that on the ground? >> this is the crux of the problem. the united states is engaged in a very comprehensive and costly counter insurgency campaign that's aimed at a fairly narrow goal, which is counter terrorism. those 50 al qaeda operate ibs that are believed to be in the country. and that number could grow if afghanistan spirals back into a greater
information released and there was a huge disconnect between what the u.s. government was saying publicly and privately. you know, everybody knows the war is not going well, i completely agree with bob, a lot of the stuff in these documents, there's a story about senior taliban leaders going to north korea to buy weapons. on its face it's nonsensical. the fact is, if this is the stuff that's in the system, it's not very encouraging. >> bob, this is a fascinating organization, which i guess depending on where you stand is an incredible thing toward transparency. what do you make of it? it's got to -- does it scare you? >> if i were in afghan reporting for the military, i'd be very scared, i'd change my mind about it. this is a good way to lose sources, and i assume this whole report is going to end up in the hands of the afghans, they're going to say, wait a minute my name is going to appear in wikileaks and i'm not going to give any information. any volunteer contacts are going to stop. >> they have some 15,000 documents they're still going over that they haven't released because they're
down here. according to the u.s. border patrol, between 40% and 50% of all immigrant arrests occur in arizona. if an illegal immigrant commit a crime in phoenix they'll wind up here at the maricopa county jail, otherwise known as tent city. hernandez says everyone has a crime story involving illegal immigrants. it happened to them or a friend or it happened just down the block, here at a suburban neighborhood. why did you bring us here? >> well, i just want to show you, when we were talking about the outrage that the arizonans have. >> reporter: this was once a drophouse, a kind of transfer station used by smugglers. when cops raid these houses, they often find dozens of illegal immigrants crammed into small rooms. some are beaten and held for ransom. >> when they did a raid here, they found one of the awful things that happened, a young woman was three months pregnant. they beat her so bad, her baby -- she miscarried. they just punched her and they beat her and she lost her baby. this is the type of thing that outrages us. >> reporter: kimberly slarb bought the house after foreclo
from here. did bp try to withhold crucial evidence? stunning allegations from a u.s. congresswoman. keeping them honest tonight. >>> more breaking news. police reopening their investigation of al gore and the masseuse who claims he had up wanted sexual contact with her. okay, well... calling yourselves "dedicated"? the ente web site team woed late every night this week. look at sanjeev. he's a mess! what? no... guys, we're called dedicated claims reps because we each stay with an esurance customer throughout the automobile claims process. it's not because we think we work harder than you. well, you don't. [ sanjeev ] am i a mess? [ joey ] you slept in the vending machine. [ male announcer ] call today or go to >>> we're continuing to follow breaking news tonight. hurricane alex hitting about 100 miles south of browns vim, texas. winds of 105 miles an hour as we mentioned, rough seas have made it impossible to skim off oil from the water, burn it or corral it with boom. skimming boats are back in port. another tanker cannot be hooked up until things calm down. they can
three months. 11 months later, he's still alive. some u.s. senators are livid and think he was released because of pressure by bp oil company, trying to clinch a $900 million oil contract with libya. >> the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming. >> reporter: scotland's first minister in a letter to the senators says, categorically, we had no submissions or lobbying of any kind from bp. the state department accepts that. >> there's nothing that we've seen that suggests that this process was skewed in any way. >> reporter: british prime minister david cameron says the scottish authorities' decision was profoundly misguided, but there's no need for an inquiry. another allegation, that a medical report commissioned by the libyan government led to al megrahi's release. >> the doctor claims he only has three months to live and it meets scottish laws humanitarian parole. now the doctor comes out says he has ten years to live and is fit as a fiddle. >> the fact remains, though, that al megrahi is dying of cancer. prisoner transfer agreement that could have returned him to libya. not having su
. reportedly more than 2,000 skimmers are available in the continental u.s. only about 500 are in the gulf. the 1990 pollution act, which requires skimmers to be prepositioned around the country. early on, coast guard commander admiral thad allen said he was concerned about leaving other areas of america vulnerable. bp is accused of not getting all the skimmers they can. shell oil has a vessel they've offered up that they have turned down. foreign companies are offering up boats that have been turned down. on june 14th senator george lemieux of florida sent a letter to president obama, requesting he wave the law, blocking foreign skimmers from entering the gulf. 16 days later, still no waiver on the jones act. here is what the senator said today on the senate floor. >> mr. president, when this oil washes up on surhore, when we he failed to respond from offers of foreign companies, it's not just oil washing up on shore. it's failure. and we need every resource, domestic and foreign alike, in the gulf. and we needed them yesterday. in fact, we needed them 50 days ago. >> today at a news conf
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family in the u.s. and they have applied for monley's adoption, but it's a process that could take years. one more note. the metal table you see there is the one monley crawled under when his house collapsed. it's the one that likely saved his life. gary says he'll keep it for as long as he lives. six months ago, doctors saved monle yes, sir life, but now, some survivors are still dying. 60% of the health facilities were destroyed and 10% of medical staff were killed or left the country. at the same time, the earthquake created hundreds of thousands of patients and getting critical follow-up care is proving incredibly difficult for some, impossible for others. vital supplies aren't reaching the hospitals that are still open and neither is money that will keep them open. here's sanjay gupta. >> reporter: best estimate, the quake displaced 1.5 million people. the care this man received would be considered ordinary. when did you realize you were injured? here mildred is an extraordinary success story. the worst injury he is had was to his leg. i don't know if you can tell so far, but huh he
of the pledges for reconstruction in haiti has been paid. we to want say again, u.s. and other countries have pumped a lot of money into haiti outside of the reconstruction commitment. there is, though, anderson, a question about nonprofit relief. we'll give you a real taste very quickly about what the nonprofits are doing. red cross donations, $468 million, given $148 million. doctors without borders, $66 million, $65 million. they've almost given all of what they got, doctors without borders, a little different from the red cross, because they have different missions. red cross does long term, doctors without borders is much more immediate, anderson. >> all right, joe, appreciate it. >>> just ahead, a picture of what was supposed to be the new haiti. better place for people to live. hasn't turned out that way. you'll see why. >>> plus, the cap that might, might stop the oil leak into the gulf of mexico. why key tests on it, that was supposed to be going on right now, is not happening right now. that's a live update. the prices. the profits. the pollution. what's next from the big oil compan
countries are making progress in overcoming their trust issues. the u.s. is pledging money to help build power plants. >>> in a study of 900 south african women, the vaginal gel cut the risk of contracting hiv by 30%. >>> zsa zsa gabor is recovering from hip replacement surgery after a fall at her bel air home. the 93-year-old actress is likely to remain in a los angeles hospital the rest of the week. >>> take a look at the ufo that shut down an airport in southeastern china for about an hour. the image is from whatever it is, it did not show up on radar, according to local reports. i have to tell you, if that's real, the first suspect i'd be looking for is the chinese military. but that's just me. >> yeah, no doubt about it, joe, thanks. next on the program, allegations that bp is trying to bankroll scientists. is the company paying them to seal the truth about the disaster. >>> some of the first responders to the gulf disaster. >> what did the mayday call say? >> it said -- we heard, this is deepwater horizon, deepwater horizon, mayday, mayday, we're abandoning rig. >> from
business saying context is everything, he spoke out tonight on john king u.s.a. >> what is the exculpatory evidence? what exists on that video that will help make her racist sentiments go away and the fact that when the audience accepts her racist statements she doesn't say, wait, come on. i'm not racist. >> shirley sherrod joins us now. you said that racism was behind your father's murder and his death was the reason why you ended up doing the kind of work you do, having lived a lifetime of helping farmers and others. what has this entire experience today been like for you? you're still out of a job. >> yes. it's just so unreal to me that it happened, because i have not lived a racist life. i've had reasons why i could have, but i've not tried to be -- i've not tried to live a life of hate, as i said when i spoke. i've tried to turn what happened early on in my life into a positive. i turned it into work. and i turned it into work for people. >> some people, when they saw that edited clip of your speech, would say that you were showing, you know, you showed discrimination to a farmer beca
this is doing to the oysters and the generation of families who rely on them. affect wheat output in the u.s., the shipping industry in norway, and the rubber industry in south america? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment objectives, risks, fees, expenses, and other information to read and consider carefully before investing. >>> you're looking there at the leak, oil gushing into the gulf of mexico for the 79th day. 79 days. they've tried a giant containment box, top kill, top hat. they've been planning all week to hook up a third tanker to siphon off more oil. but choppy seas is stopping that from happening as well. the only real hope of a long-term solution relies on drilling relief wells and killing it. as a neuro surgeon, it's annoying when someone says it isn't brain surgery, but it's close. tom foreman is here with the details. tom? >> thanks, sanjay. drilling down.
on monday. blagojevich has pleaded not guilty to charges he tried to sell the u.s. senate seat once held by president obama. >>> the los angeles sheriff's department is looking into allegations that mel gibson's ex-girlfriend tried to extort money from him to keep those explosive audio recordings allegedly of them a secret. this is the couple in happier times. there's already a domestic abuse investigation under way. a court hearing on the issue is set for thursday. >>> and off the coast of capetown, south africa, a whale leaps out of the water and crash lands on the deck of a sailboat. believe it or not, the two people on board were not hurt. neither was the whale. the boat wasn't that lucky. the mast and rigging were destroyed. a tourist on a nearby boat recorded this video. and as i hear it, it turns out whales have really lousy eyesight. who knew? >> amazing. amazing picture. joe, thanks. >>> next on "360," race and politics. some conservatives are saying that the obama administration discriminates. we're going to take a look at whether that's true, what the facts are. we'll take a c
no through the federal government through the u.s. army corps of engineers and the various agency of the federal government. although they've told us no, they haven't come up with a plan. there's no thing as a perfect plan. let us protect ourselves. the federal government isn't only not helping us, they're actually hurting us in preventing us from protecting ourselves. >> you're a supporter of president obama. you told me that. you also have been a bit concerned about what he has or has not done down here. >> he's the very first president in history that toured all of plaquemines parish. we're excited about that. we're saying we would like president obama to do the same thing he did for the mortgage company, the banking companies. they would have these town hall meetings where he would have dialogue with the community. we're saying that the fishermen in our community deserve that meeting. the president of louisiana arts, gary bartholomew, prepared to have -- we're saying the president owes us that visit. we think that we need it and we're hoping that he honor our requests to actua
progressive. call or click today. affect wheat output in the u.s., the shipping industry in norway, and the rubber industry in south america? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment objectives, risks, fees, expenses, and other information to read and consider carefully before investing. >>> more now from haiti. and a story we told you about last night. kids who lived through the disaster are now facing humanitarian nightmares. relief supplies are in haiti, but because of many reason, they're sometimes not getting to the people. one organization doesn't know the needs of another organization. dr. sanjay gupta has more details on a story he first reported on last night. >> reporter: it is so striking in orphanages -- smiles amid squalor. 350,000 orphans in haiti. best guess, many, like this little guy, don't even have a name. don't know how old he is. he's an orphan w
and they've drawn on the vast reservoir of experience, wisdom. she's met every u.s. president, for example, except johnson, since eisenhower. this is a woman who knows her way around the world. what she really wanted to do was pull strands of leadership, duty, the idea that only united nations can solve some of these really serious problems. it was a speech, by the way, sanjay, that she very much was involved in the writing of. >> crafting herself. so, from churchill to cram ron, eisenhower to obama, it is remarkable, the most experienced, probably, head of state in the world. there are people on both sides of the atlantic, richard, who question the impact of the queen elizabeth, and a monarch in general, especially in these tough economic times. is that a fair criticism? >> reporter: the queen's accounts were published earlier this week, it basically costs me as a british taxpayer, 65 pence, nearly a dollar to pay for the royal family. so, it's peanuts over the whole country. the argument of whether or not there is a role for monarchy is one that will be debated in countries like canada,
roberts. >>> lot to talk about. let's get right to it. zero tolerance. the u.s. department of agriculture accepts the reds nation of an employee after a video shows her telling an audience that she withheld assistance to a white farmer because of his race. but does the video tell the whole story? we've got it and
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)